Professor Sean Larsen

Sean recieved his PhD from Arizona State University and is currently an Associate Professor at Portland State University. He is the PI of the TAAFU project.

Sean is also the PI for another NSF-funded project focused on mathematical justification in middle school mathematics.

Professor John Caughman

John recieved his PhD from the University of Wisconsin and is currently an Full Professor at Portland State University. His main areas of research are combinatorics and graph theory. Additionally John is Co-PI on this curriculum development grant.

Mark Yanotta

Mark earned his MA in Mathematics at the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been a full-time professor at Clackamas Community College for the past tweleve years. Since 2001, Mark has been a doctoral student in mathematics education at Portland State University and is a Co-PI on TAAFU looking specifically at adapting the curriculum to create a "Bridge to University Mathematics" course to help community college students transition to more advanced coursework.


Estrella Johnson

Estrella received her Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics at Portland State University. She will complete her PhD in Mathematics Education in the Spring of 2013. Her research interests include the teaching and learning of abstract algebra and teacher knowledge.

Faith Rutherford

Faith earned her bachelor's degree in mathematics from Portland State University and is currently pursuing a master's degree in mathematics education from University of Washington. She loves solving problems, visualization of quantitative information, helping people learn, and having fun.

Travis Scholl

Travis is undergraduate mathematics major at the University of Oregon. Travis is the web designer for the TAAUF instructor support materials.


Joanna Bartlo

Joanna Bartlo is currently a doctoral student in math education at Portland State University. She has been involved with TAAFU in a variety of ways since arriving at PSU in 2004. Before coming to PSU she was a middle school math teacher, but since coming to PSU she has focused most of her attention on research related to proof and proving. She is also interested in teacher education.

Amy earned a bachelors degree in mathamatics from Portland State university. Currently she is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Hawaii.

Elise Lockwood

Elise earned her PhD in mathematics education from Portland State University in 2011.

She is currently in her second year as post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin.

Elise will be starting her new position as Assistant Professor in the mathematics department at Oregon State University.