HST 354U - Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000
Portland State University
John S. Ott (c) (2017)


(80 POINTS / 8% of final grade; submitted on October 26 and again on November 30)

Guidelines – please read thoroughly

This assignment is designed to be of practical utility, as well as furnish you with the opportunity to engage directly and informally with the assigned reading this term.  Over the course of the term, you must maintain a course notebook or, if you prefer, “journal.”  You may use an actual notebook, loose-leaf papers with three-ring binder, a legal pad, or something similar to keep the journal.  The entries may be handwritten. You will be able to use the content of this journal/notebook on the final exam.

During the term, to fulfill this assignment, it is expected that you will use the notebook to:


Evaluation of this assignment (done in two stages, each worth 40 points) will be determined by: