Dr. Jiao teaches a variety of classes on a quarterly basis. Please select the course you are currently enrolled in for lecture notes and slide shows.

Essentials of Physics: PH 101 & PH 102

Not currently offered. An elementary introduction to the basic principles of physics, their interpretation and application. Designed to accommodate all liberal arts students. Concurrent enrollment in PH 104, 105 is encouraged. Recommended prerequisite: high school algebra.

Physical Metallurgy for Engineers: PH 381

Not currently offered. Crystal structure of metals and their relationships to properties. Phase diagrams of alloys, heat treatment, mechanical properties, and corrosion. Methods of fabrication of metals. Two lectures; one 3-hour laboratory period. Recommended prerequisites: EAS 213, PH 213 or 223, CH 223.

Electron Microscopy: PH 451/551 & PH 452/552

Electron optics theory, specimen preparation and experimental work with transmission and scanning electron microscopes, Microchemical analysis with an energy dispersive spectrometer. Specimens from all the sciences. Two lectures, one 3-hour laboratory period. Recommended prerequisites: one year of general physics and one year of any other science.

Lecture Notes: PH 451/551

Lecture Notes: PH 452/552

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