Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Refereed Book Chapters

  • “Taiwan’s Democratic Transition: A Model for China?” in Gilley & Diamond (eds.); Political Change in China: Comparisons with Taiwan (Lynne Rienner 2008)
  • “Rural Entrepreneurs and Democracy in China”, in Gold & Bonnell (eds.), The New Entrepreneurs of Europe and Asia (M.E. Sharpe 2001)

Policy Journal Articles

Power Point Presentations


Transitions to Democracy (PS 479/579)

Bibliography on Democracy Promotion and Assistance

Public Service

  • "Liu Xiaobo and Dutch's Optimism", Testimony Before the United States Congressional-Executive Commission on China, 9 November 2010.
  • Faculty Leader, Preventing Color Revolutions: Russia-China-Central Asia Cooperation Against Democracy Movements, Report for the National Endowment for Democracy, PSU Policy Taskforce on U.S. Democracy Promotion and Assistance Policy (2010)
  • Team Leader, “CIDA Support For Civil Society in China”,Delivering Democracy: Defining Success and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Democratic Assistance Programs, Queen’s University Centre for the Study of Democracy (2008)
  • Journal of Democracy, Editorial Board Member, Since 2007
  • External Reviewer, Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program, National Endowment for Democracy, 2010-2011. 






India's democracy is the largest in the world. There are 850 million registered voters, and about 550 million voted in the 2014 elections. Despite their country's slow development, Indians have always valued their democracy.